November 26, 2010

AHHHH Oregon, you saved me.

So here's the deal.  Our computer at home decided to block our blog.  No one else's blog, just ours, so I really haven't been able to post until now, as I sit at my mom's computer in Oregon. You may be thinking, "but Stephanie, you never post anyway!" and my reply to that is "ok, yeah, but I'm making an effort now so just shut your pie hole."  But really, I am glad that I can at least clear the air on that one. 

So here's a list of the things I would have posted had I been able to:
  • Halloween- so fun! Ellie's costume was pretty stinking cute
  • Andreasen's visit and Homecoming Spectacular- Ellie surprized us all with some exciting dance moves
  • Hieb's visit- so good to see grandma and grandpa again
  • Probably some other stuff that I can't think of right now
So if the fates smile upon us and we get a new computer in the next few months (please!) I might be able to post! Or maybe I'll have to man up and go on campus.  We'll see

The point is that I love you all, and happy Thanksgiving, and probably Merry Christmas too for all we know!