June 17, 2014

Grand Opening!

Last week I opened up my new etsy shop!I have a few items listed, but I hope to add more in the future. Go check it out!

June 2, 2014

Elastic Hydrangea Skirt Tutorial

I am SO excited to share this tutorial today. I love making these skirts- they come together in about an hour and Ellie loves to wear them. I love projects that I can begin and finish within the confines of a single nap time.

All you'll need for this project is 1 yard of the fabric of your choice (assuming you're making a skirt for a 5 year old- probably 1/2 of a yard would do for an infant. For an adult you would probably need 2 yards), some 1.5" elastic, and thread. 

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Measure your child's waist. For the purpose of this tutorial, we'll use Ellie's measurement: 24". To create the waistband, cut a 5" strip all the way down, from selvage to selvage. Then cut that piece into 3 segments- the front waistband will be 1/2 the waist measurement (12"), the back waistband will be 1/2 the waist measurement + 4" (16"), and the rest of the strip is scrap. Serge (or zigzag if you don't have a serger) along one long side of each waistband piece.  Cute one piece of elastic the same length as the front waistband piece (12").  Next, cut the remaining fabric in half, parallel to the selvages to create the skirt pieces. Serge (or zigzag) one long side of each skirt piece and baste the other side about 1/4" away from the edge. (see picture 1)

2. Cut a piece of light weight fusible interfacing to attach to the front waistband piece- this should be 1" less than your waistband piece across and 3" deep. (11" x 3"). Fuse to the wrong side of your front waistband piece. (see picture 2) *full disclosure- I forgot to do this until after I had already attached the skirt... oops!! I was still able to fuse the interfacing just fine, but it is easier to do before you have attached the skirt) 

3. Attach the skirt pieces to the waistband pieces, using the basting to gather the skirt pieces evenly. Use a 1/2" seam allowance. Be sure to leave about 1" on each edge side of the waistband pieces with no gathers so that the side seams are able to be sewn evenly- see pictures 3 & 4).

4. With right sides facing each other, pin the front waistband and skirt to the back waistband and skirt, making sure that seams match. Pin the elastic in place on the back waistband with the seam folding up to encase it (see picture 5). Stitch all the way down each side using a 1/2" seam allowance. Serge (or zigzag) the seams.

6. Fold the waistband in half and pin in place with the seam from the skirt attachment pressed up and completely hidden with the serged end of the waist band on top.  Pin in place.  On the backside, pin until the fabric is too bunched to get a nice line. Sew what you have pinned, then stretch the back so that the elastic is fed completely into the already sewn portion, then pin and finish the rest of the waistband. (see picture 6) *be sure not to get the elastic caught in your stitching- it will not stretch properly if it is caught in any way)

7. Hem the skirt (I like to use a nice deep hem- usually about 2.5-3")

And there you have it! Please leave any questions you may have in the comments and I will answer them as best I can. I hope you have fun making this skirt! And special thanks to Ellie for modeling out in the humid "spring" we've been having here in Detroit!

ps- I'm planning to relaunch my shop this week-- stay tuned!!