October 11, 2013

Apple a Day

I love going to the apple orchard every year. We had a great time! (even though there were a surplus of bees there so we had to eat our cider doughnuts in the car...)

October 4, 2013

benjamin button

When my parents came to visit in July, my mom brought me some of my grandmother's vintage buttons. So exciting because vintage buttons are awesome and I love my grandma, win win. However, these buttons had been in an old tin jar for several years/decades. And I think that old tin used to be home to motor oil or something because let me tell you: those buttons were stinkkkky. Never fear, however, Ellie was more than willing to help me sort and wash those things. (the tin ended up in the trash... I think it felt more at home in there). Here are some photos:

I found an old clay charm that I remember making for Grandma years ago:)

Let's be real- I definitely 409ed those suckers... they were just so stinky!

Something about holding a chunky baby makes you want to take selfies, ya know?

October 2, 2013

A Christmas Story in August

For labor day weekend we ventured south to Cleveland. We have some awesome friends there that were so nice and let us stay with them. They also gave Scott and me a chance to go to the Christmas Story house- it was awesome! I love that movie (who doesn't) and it was so cool to be in the actual house where it was filmed. And the tour guide gave us a 20 minute orientation including a bunch of really cool facts (cool at least if you're a movie nerd like me). Anyway, I didn't take very many pictures of our awesome Cleveland weekend, but here are a few of them.

Ron got to tag along on our date. Isn't he just the most beautiful baby boy in the world? I know.

The girls had a great time playing with our friends' three girls. And they even talked Scott into giving them a ride around the neighborhood!