January 24, 2011

Reasons I love moving...

...NOT!!! I, like every other normal human being, absolutely hate moving and here is a list of a few of the top reasons:
1. Cleaning out the pantry. When you're preparing for a move, you start to realize that all that food in the pantry has to be eaten or thrown out. And you want to avoid buying new food which will enevetably end up in the trash. So you end up eating a can of tuna mixed with a dollop of mustard on some old club crackers for lunch. And dinner. And breakfast. And in case you were wondering, it tastes just as disgusting as it sounds.
2. Deep cleaning. Usually I'm a big fan of keeping our house very clean and (mostly) tidy. But during the last few weeks before a move, I undergo some sort of strange personality shift and all I want to do is let the dishes pile up in the sink and wait to see if the laundry has learned to fold itself yet. It's bad my friends, real bad. I kind of feel like I might qualify for one of those clean house intervention shows at this point. Which is why I am being super priductive and posting on the old blog instead of cleaning:)
3. Moving companies are awesome. This one is half positive because I am spared the lovely task of packing and loading and driving (hallelujah!) by the Palmer moving company. The less than stellar part of this situation is that the movers were unable to get us moved until after Scott's start date so I have to stay behind for a couple of days to make sure all the packing and loading goes smoothly. And then Ellie and I are super excited for another 6 hour flight to join Scott in Detroit. Lovely.
Well my friends, depending on how this week goes, my next post could be coming to you from our igloo in Michigan! Really, though, I'm excited to get all moved and settled. So until then, offers little prayer that I keep my sanity throughout this whole thing and have a good week.