Why honey loves grizzly? The story starts several years ago with a couple of young college students falling in love and trying to come up with cute pet names for each other (Grizzly bear and Honey bear, as it happens). The two young bears grew up and married in 2008, added a daughter in 2009, another in 2011 and a son in 2013. This blog chronicles the ups and downs of living the bear life out in SE Michigan. Honey bear (aka Stephanie) minds the homestead while Grizzly (aka Scott) brings home the salmon (bear bacon, get it?). We talk about sewing, Harry Potter (don't even try to tell me Ron isn't the real hero), current events (on our favorite TV shows, obviously), the occasional recipe, unsolicited advice (mostly from HB), and of course the dizzying circus act it is raising three young cubs. But don't be scared! We promise not to bite (hard).

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