September 17, 2012

Third Time's a Charm

You guessed it- we're totally out of our minds. Seriously. Complete and utter chaos coming our way in May.
(ps, I'm the one having a baby- not Scott or Ellie. Just wanted to make sure there is no confusion)

September 12, 2012


Ellie has enetered the world of acedemia, via Cherry Hill Co-Op Preschool. And so far she is doing great.
Bracing her mind and body for a day of learning:

Some tactile learning at the sand table:

A lesson in home ec:

Learning about abstract art:

Conferring with her teacher on the proper use of a bingo marker:

First dress up of the day (I think she was channeling Tina Turner a little bit)

She decided to change to the classic mermaid look next (I love that she is checking herself out in the mirror)

On dish duty (if only this didn't only happen while playing..)

Ellie also got some ironing done:

Meanwhile Ev has been turning into the chubbiest little cutie in the world. Serioulsy, I could just eat her.