June 27, 2012

Conversation 2

Ellie: (trying to get me out of the room, no doubt because she was planning something mischevious) Mom, go downstairs and watch a show.
Me: Not right now thanks.
Ellie: Mom go watch a show!
Me: Ok Ellie.
Ellie: Good girl, mom.

Ellie: (after lights out) MOMMMMM!!!!!
Me: Yes Ellie?
Ellie: ummm ummm ummm
Me: Ellie its time to go to sleep.
Ellie: But mom! umm what if the tigers and lions eat me?
Me: I promise they won't. Now go to sleep.
Ellie: ok (in a very defeated voice)

As you all know, Ellie has the habit of calling random men at the grocery store (and other public places) Daddy. Today she topped that off by asking me if the middle-aged black woman checking us out at Meijer was a Grandma. Thankfully the woman laughed it off- which is good because all my efforts to divert her from making more Grandma comments fell on deaf ears.

Ellie has also taken up the habit of adopting the various pet names I have for our family. For instance when Scott gets home from work, she often yells out "BUM BUM!!" (don't judge my nicknames). And whenver Ev is in Ellie's good graces (ie she isn't playing with any of Ellie's coveted princess toys or using her special blanket) she calls her Sugar. I find the former absolutely hilarious while Scott finds it mortifying. We both agree that the latter is heartwarming to say the least.

June 20, 2012


Me: Ellie, its going to be time for a shower in 5 minutes.
Ellie: No shower!
Me: Shower in 5 minutes.
Ellie: Two weeks mom. I'll take a shower in two weeks.


(while waiting at a red light)
Ellie: Drive mom, drive!
Me: We have to wait for the light to turn Ellie.
Ellie: DRIVE!!
Me: We have to be patient and wait.
Ellie: Drive mom! It's easy!

oh the wisdom of an almost 3 year old.

June 5, 2012

We're probably famous in Korea

The rest of our Utah expedition will be documented soon, but I just had to share these- some of my favorite family photos ever! We were taking family pictures at temple square with our favorite photographer and a group of about 10 Korean tourists (we knew they were Korean because of their travel group badges) swarmed us and started taking pictures of themselves with our kids- talk about awkward! Scott and I were so surprised we didn't know what to do- we just laughed. Until one of them actually picked Ellie up- then Scott got into daddy bear mode. Anyway, it was the most unexpected addition to our family photos! Anyone think I should submit one of these to Awkward Family Photos?

June 2, 2012

The Odyssey Part One: Oregon

Traveling with a toddler and an infant is... fun? stressful? exhausting? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes. At least this trip was worth every headached, sleep deprived, allergy-ridden moment. Not only did we get to visit two of our favorite states, we also got to see a bunch of our favorite people. And we got to eat at some of our favorite restaurants. Yum.

Our two week odyssey began at the Detroit airport where I had the pleasure of fighting crowds and TSA people along with tears- I am not a fan of leaving my Grizz behind. But eventually we made it through and to the gate. All along the way Ellie was telling anyone who would listen that she was going to visit Grandma and Papa and that Daddy was at work. Bless her little heart, she can always make me smile.

Now, you may not believe this, but my girls were absolutely amazing on our 6 hour flight journey. We had one stop over in Chicago, but on both flights my girls either slept or played quietly. So many people commented on how amazing they were. I was a proud mama.

Anyway... we finally got to Oregon. Here is a bullet list of things we did with some corresponding pictures:

The flight:
(Ev's face is asking me how I could let her crazy sister hold her...)
Bath time in the kitchen sink at Auntie's house:

Ellie's first cello lesson with Uncle Corey:
Ev just soaking in some Oregon sunshine:
Cousin cuddles with Addie:

Welcoming Grandpa at the front door:
Me going through the first of mannny boxes- my parents requested that I go through all my childhood memories and take them home with me. Among the treasures I found were several old dance costumes (Ellie was thrilled), my old cast (seriously disgusting), a million pieces of "art" from kindergarten (the recycling box was well fed that day), and some pretty hilarious notes that I kept from friends.

Modeling my Mrs. Bunny costume from kindergarten:

This is one of my faves- Ellie got an old witch costume from her cousin Addie and wore it a LOT. One day her other cousin Brooke came over and they were chasing each other in the backyard. I love this picture because it looks like Ellie is terrorizing Brooke.
See, though, they're really friends in real life:

My nephew, Carter, and girlfriend on the trampoline. Is it weird that my baby nephew is now a teenager with a girlfriend? yes indeed.
Grandpa and his girls:

One day we went to voodoo doughnuts. Scott's face in this pictures says "stop taking pictures, you look like a tourist."
We also got to go to the zoo! (with our voodoo doughnuts...)

Scott found his fellow Grizzly bear:

Ev was pretty stylin'

On our last day we made a final stop at Burgerville. yumm.
My flowers from Mothers day:

Grandma and her girls:

Well my friends, those are all the pictures I have of Oregon. We had a GREAT time!

As a side note, Ellie was singing along to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" yesterday in the car. So. Funny.