June 5, 2012

We're probably famous in Korea

The rest of our Utah expedition will be documented soon, but I just had to share these- some of my favorite family photos ever! We were taking family pictures at temple square with our favorite photographer and a group of about 10 Korean tourists (we knew they were Korean because of their travel group badges) swarmed us and started taking pictures of themselves with our kids- talk about awkward! Scott and I were so surprised we didn't know what to do- we just laughed. Until one of them actually picked Ellie up- then Scott got into daddy bear mode. Anyway, it was the most unexpected addition to our family photos! Anyone think I should submit one of these to Awkward Family Photos?


  1. I love Scott's face in the first photo--total delighted disbelief! I hope you're on some Korean billboards in the near future...

  2. Hhahaha oh man I have pictures that look almost identicle from when we lived in Japan. they probably are fixated on the fair skin, light hair/light eyes thing. I love your face in the second one, classic! I've seen that face many times before haha. This is hilarious....thanks for sharing, as always!

  3. haha this is so hilarious! I love scott's facial expression!!