June 27, 2012

Conversation 2

Ellie: (trying to get me out of the room, no doubt because she was planning something mischevious) Mom, go downstairs and watch a show.
Me: Not right now thanks.
Ellie: Mom go watch a show!
Me: Ok Ellie.
Ellie: Good girl, mom.

Ellie: (after lights out) MOMMMMM!!!!!
Me: Yes Ellie?
Ellie: ummm ummm ummm
Me: Ellie its time to go to sleep.
Ellie: But mom! umm what if the tigers and lions eat me?
Me: I promise they won't. Now go to sleep.
Ellie: ok (in a very defeated voice)

As you all know, Ellie has the habit of calling random men at the grocery store (and other public places) Daddy. Today she topped that off by asking me if the middle-aged black woman checking us out at Meijer was a Grandma. Thankfully the woman laughed it off- which is good because all my efforts to divert her from making more Grandma comments fell on deaf ears.

Ellie has also taken up the habit of adopting the various pet names I have for our family. For instance when Scott gets home from work, she often yells out "BUM BUM!!" (don't judge my nicknames). And whenver Ev is in Ellie's good graces (ie she isn't playing with any of Ellie's coveted princess toys or using her special blanket) she calls her Sugar. I find the former absolutely hilarious while Scott finds it mortifying. We both agree that the latter is heartwarming to say the least.

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  1. Ahh so fun. I love seeing her little personality shine through!!