June 21, 2011

An update on George

So I know you've all been on pins and needles wondering how well my summer goals are coming. So here's an update (ps, did you all get the Seinfeld reference? the summer of George? I hope so).

The realistic goals:

I have read 7 books in the past 2 weeks and I'm currently reading "Bud, Not Buddy." My favorite so far has probably been "The Giver," which I'm kind of surprised I had never read before. Despite its similarities to "Brave New Word," (a book I despise almost as much as "The Great Gatsby") I found this one very thought provoking.
As far as projects go, I made a super cute Minnie Mouse dress for Ellie to wear at Disneyland next week.

Sadly, there have been, as yet, no Christmas/Autumn festivitiness around the house.

The very optimistic goals:

I am soo happy to say that we have BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unfortunately, we can't do any decorating for a few weeks, but I have been collecting inspiration. Pinterest has become my new hobby obsession.

No actual Christmas shopping yet... but I'm making a list, checking it twice! (now would be a good time for hint-giving dearest family members who are ever-so-hard to shop for)

And here's a picture of our new home!

June 17, 2011

Thought I should document this moment

The first time I've been up at midnight eating cereal because my back hurts too much to sleep. And I'm hungry. Thanks pregnancy. I guess I should be grateful that this is the first time I've experienced this wonderful phenomenon, but right now I just wish that for one moment I didn't feel like an old sailor with rheumatism. Thanks for letting me complain for a minute- the frosted mini spooners are almost gone, so I think I'll go try to get some sleep now. Goodnight world. (Please not that I'm not really complaining... I hate it when people complain about something that they really shouldn't. I'm so incredibly happy to have this baby, even if it does mean that I have to hobble around and take breaks from standing/walking/movement of any kind every 5 minutes) Goodnight again.

June 15, 2011

Were you right??

Well today was the big day! We found out a little more about who will be joining our family in a few months. Are you ready find out whether you were right or wrong?? 7/13 of  you guessed right!

It's a... GIRL!!

And we're so excited!

Here's the card that I got for Grizz to tell him the good news. I got a cute video of him opening it, but unfortunately it's a little too big to load. Maybe I can edit it and get it on here someday.

Evelyn wasn't cooperating very well during the ultrasound, but here are a few pictures that we could get. No darling little profile shot that I had been hoping for... But the tech said that she is growing right on track, which is just wonderful news.

And here are some pictures of the happy, though slightly shocked (I think we both thought it would be a boy...) parents

And lastly, a little teaser for our next post... I think I'll call it "Goldy Lock's search for a new bed"

June 9, 2011

The Summer of George

I think this might be the summer of George for me. I've set a few goals, have a few things planned, and we're (still) gearing up to buy our first  house. So this summer is pretty epic in my opinion. That being said, I am not excluded from the human tendency to fall back on private commitments- having some form of accountability always helps. So here I am, making a public declaration of my goals and ideas. That way I can either celebrate with you at the end of August when I've accomplished my dreams, or have this wonderful outlet to express all of the wonderful excuses I may come up with for why not even super woman could have done what I set out to do.

The realistic goals:
Read all the books on the Newbery award list (realistically, I'll feel accomplished if I've read all the ones published since the year of my birth... there's a lot of books on that list!)
Actually get through all of my projects (meaning the big pile of fabric that I bought with a specific project in mind)
Make seasonal pillow slipcovers for fall and Christmas

The very optimistic goals:
Decorate said HOUSE
Get all of our Christmas shopping/crafting done

And in celebration of this summer and the wonderful things we will do, here are a couple of pictures of my partner in crime and me (she is accountable for these goals too, its only fair.)

One goal DREAM that will be accomplished in about 2 weeks: We're going to DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 4, 2011

The Great Humberto

This post deserves a Big Title because it was a Big Project.

The amazing Grizzly Bear and I transformed this:

Into this:

Here are some pics of the less-than-24-hour-transformation:

Please note how glamorous the Grizz and I look- don't feel bad, some people are just that photogenic (please do actually note here the dripping sarcasm)

So after a long day of painting in the hot hot Detroit sun, we decided to go swimming- Ellie LOVED it. We had some friends with us, so she was even more enamored with the whole event.

(She wasn't too thrilled with us when it was time to leave...)

June 3, 2011

Ok ok... we'll give you 12 more days!

I have the feeling that there are more of you out there who want to vote, so I thought I would be nice and give you another 12 days until we find out the gender of baby A. Or maybe the ultrasound tech wasn't in today, so I had no choice. Either way, the new D-day is June 15 at 9am. Mark your calendars! (I know mine is!).

So while I am disappointed (reallllllly disappointed) that we didn't find out today, I am keeping myself busy:

I've finally taken on the impossible task: organizing my sewing/crafting stuff. Seriously, this is a P-R-O-J-E-C-T! Notice the thread organizer that I got for $4 at Joann's. I'm pretty proud of it. And if you're wondering, that huge pile on our dining room table/work area is about 1/3 of my collection.. the rest is still in a bin in Ellie's closet for now.

My most exciting project at the moment is this dresser. We got it at a thrift store here in Dearborn for a whopping $16! When I'm done with it, hopefully it will look more like this. (Though I don't have high hopes that it will magically turn into a piano, you get the general idea of the antique look I'm going for). Ps, I hope that it's kosh to link other people's blogs even if you don't know them... if not, I guess my next post will come from sing sing or something (I hope they have ultrasound machines!)

June 2, 2011

Last day to VOTE!!

This time tomorrow we should know what we're having! So if you want to vote, now is the time to fulfil that desire. (see this post)