June 21, 2011

An update on George

So I know you've all been on pins and needles wondering how well my summer goals are coming. So here's an update (ps, did you all get the Seinfeld reference? the summer of George? I hope so).

The realistic goals:

I have read 7 books in the past 2 weeks and I'm currently reading "Bud, Not Buddy." My favorite so far has probably been "The Giver," which I'm kind of surprised I had never read before. Despite its similarities to "Brave New Word," (a book I despise almost as much as "The Great Gatsby") I found this one very thought provoking.
As far as projects go, I made a super cute Minnie Mouse dress for Ellie to wear at Disneyland next week.

Sadly, there have been, as yet, no Christmas/Autumn festivitiness around the house.

The very optimistic goals:

I am soo happy to say that we have BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unfortunately, we can't do any decorating for a few weeks, but I have been collecting inspiration. Pinterest has become my new hobby obsession.

No actual Christmas shopping yet... but I'm making a list, checking it twice! (now would be a good time for hint-giving dearest family members who are ever-so-hard to shop for)

And here's a picture of our new home!


  1. Awesome! I am so excited for you. We also bought a house and will be in it by the end of the week (hopefully)! I will post pics soon. Your house is CUTE and I want to see pics of the inside!

    P.S.- I love that message about that dream you had about us. I must be a negligent mother ha ha. Pregnancy dreams are always the best!

  2. I made a list for my summer and was completely inspired by you! I thought you'd be proud that I finally updated my blog lol. The house is so awesome! can't wait to see how you decorate it!

  3. oh and one more thing...you should read The Glass House if you haven't. One of my favorites. And Peace Like a River...you'll like it!