June 15, 2011

Were you right??

Well today was the big day! We found out a little more about who will be joining our family in a few months. Are you ready find out whether you were right or wrong?? 7/13 of  you guessed right!

It's a... GIRL!!

And we're so excited!

Here's the card that I got for Grizz to tell him the good news. I got a cute video of him opening it, but unfortunately it's a little too big to load. Maybe I can edit it and get it on here someday.

Evelyn wasn't cooperating very well during the ultrasound, but here are a few pictures that we could get. No darling little profile shot that I had been hoping for... But the tech said that she is growing right on track, which is just wonderful news.

And here are some pictures of the happy, though slightly shocked (I think we both thought it would be a boy...) parents

And lastly, a little teaser for our next post... I think I'll call it "Goldy Lock's search for a new bed"


  1. YAY congrats!! you guys make sure cute girls!

  2. No little Scott running around! But we're excited. Two girls. That'll be so fun!

  3. Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you. I guessed girl. :) Every girl needs a sister and I'm sure Ellie will be oh so happy!

  4. Yay for beautiful girls! Congratulations!

  5. I'm so excited it's a girl!! What fun all us girls will have! And I'm also excited for the toddler bed extravaganza! Tyler just switched. Fun times - I guess. We'll share stories when you're here!