July 24, 2012


My baby is 3!! Hard hard hard to believe. Here are some Ellie factoids to record for posterity:
-Ellie has the most outgoing, friendly personality. Whenever we go to the pool or the park she immediately asks me if she can go play with her friends (ie other kids she has never met before). I just love how playful and friendly she is.
-Ellie is an awesome big sister. As long as Ev isn't playing with certain off-limit toys, Ellie is just thrilled with being a big sister. I am so happy to see my girls get along so well. Here's to hoping that lasts forever!
-Ellie can be quite spicy when she wants to be (remember when she tried to run away...) She can also be quite sweet. Morning time and bed time are both filled with requests for more cuddles, more stories, more hugs and kisses.
-Conversations with Ellie are too funny. I try to record some of them here on the blog (see here and here). Most recently she has become very adamant that we remember that she and baby Evelyn are princesses and that Scott is a King. She's not sure whether I am a princess or a queen yet.
-Ellie's biggest obsession is still Princesses. Maybe one day she'll make me the proudest mom in the world and become a Disneyland princess...

Anyway, Ellie is a light and a joy in our home. She brings so much laughter and happiness into my life. I am one lucky mama.