May 22, 2015

Ron's birthday party

Oh Ron, how are you 2 already? Your party was a blast. We had vanilla cake with cookie dough filling, a macaroni and cheese bar (sorry no pics of that), banana cream pie, and lemonade (which was your favorite thing about the party probably). All day you wanted to play with the little animals that I had used to decorate your cake. You insisted on cuddling with me on the couch when I thought I really needed to be getting the food ready (your plan was much nicer). Ron you are a joy- so fun, so happy, so friendly. You rarely throw tantrums (and if you do, its over a stuffed dog invariably). You have decided that you would like to be a little more independent lately, which I guess is good since you're not going to be the baby for much longer. I do appreciate, however, that you are still a very cuddly little fellow. And just about the cutest boy I've ever seen (don't tell dad).

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  1. So cute--wish I could have been there! I can't believe Ron is so OLD!!!