February 9, 2012

I need a new camera

But until I get one, here are some blurry pictures of our life as of late.

We got to go see Elmo Live! at the Fox theater here in Detroit. The theater was Ahmazing. The Elmo show was... well Ellie loved it. Ev and I mostly hung out in the wings of the theater because the show was a little too loud for our taste.

On wednesday nights Scott is now helping out with the young mens activities, so that means I get to have some girl time with Ellie and Ev.

And sometimes when Scott is at work we get a little crazy and do art projects (hint, if you are a grandmother of these two cuties you may be getting the fruit of our labors in the mail soon). Also, the first 4 photos here are the process of trying to get Ellie to smile for the camera. I thought it was pretty funny.

(the money shot)

And this is the best picture I could get of them on Christmas day. Seriously people, I need a new camera.


  1. Cute cute! That theater does look awesome!

  2. Hey! I think your new baby girl is adorable! Really I just wish I could hold her and cuddle with her.