August 6, 2012

Fish cake, swimming and princess dresses



Ellie has many people who love her, so this lucky girl got about 10 princess dresses and accessories, along with a new princess doll and a princess tent, not to mention a new princess movie, fruit snacks, and just about anything else you can associate with princesses. She was in heaven. And we had a rare stroke of brilliance and decided to spreadout her gifts over several days, so the birthday princess magic lasted for about a week. Then she had a swimming party with some of her good friends- it was a blast! Seriously, Ellie could not stop talking about her party for about a month before it happened and in the week since we had it she has told just about everyone she meets that she had a birthday party with fish cake, party hats and her friends. I'm thinking that next year we're just going to have to go all out and have a full on princess party (Sorry Bridger and Ross...). And just for the record, that fish cake was the bane of my existence for about 24 hours. Never again, friends. Never again.

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