November 28, 2012

Let's hear it for the BOY!!!

Did you know that that is possibly my favorite song ever to be born out of the 80s? Also, did you know that I choreographed a dance to that song and then performed it with the choir I junior conducted in high school?

Photographic evidence:

Also, did you know that Ellie is telepathic? Because she is. She totally predicted this:

We're having a boy in May!!!

Over the moon excited.

There's a slight glitch, however. My loving, devoted, wonderful, handsome, slightly short-sighted husband feels that our my name choice for our son is slightly embarrassing. He said that we just can't name our child after a Harry Potter character. He did, however, say that naming our son after a former US president or a certain libertarian Indianian (yes, I just googled what people from Indiana are called) would be acceptable.

So I am officially letting everyone know that our son will be named after Ronald Reagan and Ron Swanson. NOT the most heroic/hilarious character in the most epic book series of our generation. Be sure to let Scott know you understand this every time you see him from now until May. Then we can probably tell him the truth (he won't want to go to all of the hustle of changing Ron's name after the paperwork has been done...).

In the meantime I will be making about a million of these. Because they are literally the cutest thing I have ever seen.


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ron Swanson and Ron Weasley. This kid is destined for greatness...and a mustache.

  3. Ron Swanson is acceptable. Ron Weasley...not so much. Sorry I gotta side with Scott on this one. Hahaha! It's SO you to name him after a Harry Potter character. I freakin' love you, Steph. And maybe Ron and I will share birthdays....shoot for May 19th!!! :)