June 29, 2010

A Day at the Museum

Ellie and I went to the Museum of Natural Science at the University of Michigan one day while Scott was at work. We had a great time! Other than the fact that for some reason they only had mens restrooms on most most floors (there was only one womens restroom on the main level), the museum was really great. Our favorite floor was the dinosaur floor!

Here is Ellie posing with one of our favorites- a giant fish dinosaur thingy. And yes, that is a technical term.

HEDWIG!!! Ellie was so excited to meet her.

Ellie likes to push her stroller rather than sit in it.

It was a super fun day! We're probably go back again someday and maybe we'll explore another floor of the museum :)


  1. Cute! Ellie looks adorable. I'm glad she's got some of the Harry Potter spirit and is excited to meet Hedwig.

  2. sweet!!!!!!!! :) what a good mommy you are!