March 25, 2011

And.....we're back!

Thanks to our new compy, I'm now able to access our blog again!

Sooooo exciting, I know.

And this time, no empty promises of regular blog posts. But to be honest, I don't even feel that bad. Because I'm pretty sure that I'm the only who ever reads this thing anyway. And maybe my mom (thanks mom!)

So for your viewing pleasure (and so I don't lose these great ideas...) here are some pictures, thanks to google, of little girl room designs. You see, Scott and I are preparing to buy our first home. Which opens the door to a whole new world in terms of design. This is both exciting and intimidating. But mostly exciting. And the room that I'm looking forward to most to design? You guessed it: Ellie's room! She's not old enough to have a real opinion, so that means pretty much carte blanche for me! I'm not so sure what direction I want to go in yet though. So if by some chance someone finds this blog (probably by accident..) feel free to weigh in on which design you like best. I'm not promising that I'll listen, but who knows? You may make the difference between Eloise-inspired-pink and French pastoral.

And if the budget were unlimited...

So anyway... have fun with those! I know I did. Right now I am really favoring the first one (blue walls, pink bed spread). But we'll see!


  1. Hey! I read your blog!!!!! :) Wow, I love all of those rooms...I can't wait to see what you do with your new house!

  2. Hey Stephanie,

    All the rooms are super beautiful. I can say from personal experience of recently redoing our girls' room - Is to go with something pretty neutral like the green or blue that you could swap out the bedding and accessories for a new look. We spent all of Christmas break one year painting our girls' room pink, purple, and green with these awesome stripes and chair rail. And Disney Fairy stickers all around the rail. Well less than six months later they all dislike pink and have moved beyond Disney Fairies to real fairies and animals. The carriage bed is pretty amazing though :)

  3. I love the teal walls with white/pink bead spread. I can't even imagine how fun it would be to decorate a HOUSE! that's awesome. And Ellie will love anything you do! You're so artistic. Are you gonna have a baby room too?