May 21, 2012

Double Mama

Ellie decided to rename one of the letters of the alphabet after me:

In other news, we just got back from our Oregon/Utah trip. Some posts to look forward to:
Me rhapsodising over the fabric my mom got me in Oregon
Cute cousin pics
Embarrassing bath time pics (Ellie and her friend Jared)
Some photos from our very good friends' wedding
A disproportionate amount of photos with farm animals
And my personal favorite, the documentation of our family photos being hijacked by a group of Korean tourists

For now I'm going to tackle 2-week's worth of neglected housework and try to get us all acclimated back in the Eastern Time Zone.


  1. Good luck!! It was great to see you last week!

  2. Glad you are home safely. Missed you

  3. Okay, Ellie singing was the cutest thing EVER.

  4. So sad you're gone! Hope the girls get back on schedule. I still want to keep Ev. She is a cute chunk.

  5. oh man, i'm so excited!! we must have a movie night and catch up!

  6. that's AWESOME! I can see it now on Sesame Street... Today has been brought to you by the letter doublemama!

  7. Awww! So cute! I should have gone to utah with mom and dad so I could see them!

  8. May I just add that I loved the diva head shake at "lmnop" :)