April 27, 2012

The aftermath

I decided to jut grit my teeth and get down to business.

The before shots:

yeah, there are no rubber bands there... just amazingly strong vaseline.

The corn starch:

So if you ever want to have your child look like that crazy old man from back to the future, just smear vaseline all over their head, then apply corn starch l i b e r a l l y.

Next came a shampoo treatment salon style in the kitchen sink. Let's just say Ellie was not a fan of this step, hence no pictures. I lathered, rinsed, and repeated several times, but Ellie head still felt as greasy as a used car salesman (no offense...). I was using dawn dish soap, so this experience makes me seriously doubt those commercials where people are washing baby ducks covered in oil with dawn soap.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Again, no pictures because my model was less than cooperative. I poured baby oil alll over her head, and then combed it with a fine tooth comb. This worked! I could see the vaseline forming a thick nasty goo and coming out copiously. A couple of washes with Ev's baby shampoo and Ellie was looking mighty fine.

Ellie threatened mutiny about half way through our beauty treatment, so I bargained a red Popsicle for one (more like 4...) more shampoo.

So my advice to you is to keep the Vaseline under lock and key. But if you do find yourself in this situation, skip the corn starch and dish soap and go straight for the baby oil.


  1. this is the best ever! you should strongly consider doing her hair in the baby powder number for halloween this year. i'm glad you finally got the vaseline out but i have to admit, she looked pretty awesome with it in too :) now go watch freaks and geeks!

  2. Ha ha, I love this. I'm sure it was not a fun experience, but when you think about it it is really funny. But good to know about the vaseline!

  3. HILARIOUS! gosh girl... and the fact that she did it again not once but TWICE!!! that kid kills me!!!