April 2, 2012

The summer of... Fred?

Once again I bring up the Summer of George. And in case you never got the Seinfeld reference, here it is:

Anyway, its not quite summer yet but I feel like making goals. So here they are:

1. Read several book series. (seri? what is the plural form of series?) On the list are the following: Lemony Snicket, Little House on the Prairie, Little Women (if I can forgive Amy and Laurie...), Lion Witch and Wardrobe books, and the Hunger games (again...). I'm in book six of my favorite series right now and relishing ever moment. (ps if you have any suggestions, please don't be shy!)

2. Make a tutorial for the blog. I have completed the first series of steps and hopefully they will be up tomorrow... we shall see. I have to have the dress done by Easter anyway, so hopefully that lights a fire under me.

3. Plan awesome birthday parties for my girls. Right now I'm thinking a bubble party for Ellie because there is little else in this world that Ellie loves as much as a good bubble. I'm thinking a monster mash for Ev because her birthday is sort of near Halloween and I want to have a monster mash for the kiddos in our ward and she's not old enough to care anyway. I'll make her an awesome cake though.

4. Finish painting my dang house.

5. Compile and publish yearbooks for our family. I'm sooooooo bad at organizing photos its not even funny. If I don't do something soon I'll probably have to steal a baby picture from a website for the girls graduation just like Sandra Bullock had to in Blind Side.

6. Finish losing baby weight. Only 10 pounds to go!! (sidenote: I had the worst stomach flu known to mankind last week and miraculously lost 5 pounds in 1 day. My friends, it was very very sad when I got back on the scale after v24 hours of managing to not throw up and see than dial go back up. Very sad indeed.)

7. Learn how to use my cricut.

As a reward for reading this post, here is another Seinfeld clip. Soo funny.

I should teach Elaine "The Goat"

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  1. Loooove the dancin. And I'm so excited for summertime. Guess I'll have to put that dress tutorial on the back burner though, I mean I'm bound to have a girl ::sometime:: right??