April 11, 2011

Ahem... 4 days.

Yes, HP7 part 1 comes out on DVD in 4 DAYS! And yes, I am a little bit excited.

In other news, the pregnancy has been going well. I must admit though that my little ticker that I added last week is a little bit depressing. 200 and some odd days left! Really! Pregnancy is not really my favorite, to be honest. This baby has been really hoped for and prayed for, though, so I can't really be too upset. I just find the nausea and food aversions to be down-right annoying. But they are nothing to the emotional roller coaster that is pregnancy. My poor Grizzly has had to endure more than his fair share of crazy emotions during our marriage. At least this time around we knew what to expect, in part. But at the end of the day, when I am sitting in the car crying my eyes out because I want Panda Express and it is too far away, even the best understanding of pregnancy-induced emotions doesn't help that much. At least I'm in the last month of the first trimester now, so hopefully many of these not-so-pleasant symptoms will disappear soon. Though if my last pregnancy is any indication, the emotions will only get wilder. Scott's favorite story from my pregnancy with Ellie happened when we were watching Father of the Bride Part II. Now that is a pretty hilarious movie, so it is quite understandable why I would end up laughing so hard that I cried, even without the extra estrogen pumping through my body. But after the scene ended, I was still crying for a good half hour. For no other reason than the fact that I felt like I just needed to cry. I'm sure all you mothers out there know exactly what I am talking about, but to my poor husband who grew up in a house with 5 brothers and no sisters, this was just completely out of left field. We can laugh about it now, but I think he still wonders about my sanity sometimes... I guess I'll have to avoid that movie this time around.

So to make a more positive spin on this post, I'll leave you with one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy: picking out a name! There is a reason little girls start making their baby name lists when they're 5. It's just plain fun! I'm pretty sure that this baby is a boy, but I'll include our (one) girl name for your viewing pleasure. Note to family members: if you are reading this post, you are officially giving up your right to use any of these names for your own children. You have been warned...

Lincoln Gibbs
Ronald Scott
Radley Scott

Evelyn Valli
(we're pretty set on Evelyn.. I can't even really think of any other girl names that we like)

I'd love to hear your opinions... but don't be offended (hint mom) if we still name him Ronald:)


  1. Cute. I vote Lincoln! But Ronnie would be cute too.

  2. Cute!! I really like Radley...unique and strong! :)

  3. haha Stephanie, you are so funny! I know how you feel about Scott thinking you might be crazy. Cause when I have random crying moments, for no reason( birth control) Tyler looks at me like I'm insane!! haha and he comes from all boys too, so he just doesn't understand it either! I like all the names you've picked! I'm really excited for you guys! you make the cutest babies! and If I lived close to you just know I would pick up some Panda Express for you!

  4. My biggest crying jag when I was pregnant with you was during a Kleenex Commercial...their theme was..."Remember the moments of your lives"... which was just too much sentiment for a mommy-to-be! Love you darling!!! (Yea - Lincoln!... but it's a girl, so YEA EVELYN!!!)

  5. Oh man as much as I love babies right now and would like another, the whole pregnancy part is sort of scaring me away from trying any time soon. Those emotions for me were mostly just emotional tears, but the morning sickness and all the other fun stuff...yikes. I'm sure you're doing great though, and you're allowed to cry because Panda Express isn't close enough. 8x a day, if needs be.

    I can't wait to hear more! I love Ronald for a boy. But, fair warning, if we have another red haired boy we may have twinners.