April 1, 2011

About a Bug

So April fools. Not my favorite holiday really. And especially not today. Because apparently I played an April fools joke on myself... and it wasn't that funny. Let me explain:

So last night, I was resting peacefully. Probably having a dream about the new HP movie or something. And then I rolled over and pulled the covers up. And at that point, it all changed. In my dream-state, I registered the fact that I was rolling over in bed, but when the blanket tickled my ear on accident, my subconscious went berserk. Suddenly there was a giant grasshopper/beetle/cockroach/praying mantis in my bed! Trying to eat my ear! It was sooooo scary. So naturally, I ripped all the covers off of the bed and started screaming for Scott to wake up. While I turned on all the lights and started searching frantically for the monster bug, my dear husband, so confused and alarmed, asked me what in the heck I was doing. Well, I was searching for a killer! I explained to him what had happened, at which point he rolled over and said he was going back to sleep. What?! You can't go back to sleep! There is a killer demon bug in our bed! I insisted that Scott search all the blankets and pillows for the bug while I shook out my hair and continued to freak out. Once he had determined that no bug existed, I still expressed a fear of going back to sleep. He told me that if he were a bug, he would be too scared to try and pull anything else. That must have been really comforting to my semi-conscious self, because I climbed back in bed and fell asleep right away.

Thanks to a brave Grizzly bear for saving the day (or night, I should say) once again.


  1. hahahahaha nice one steph! :) glad you didn't get eaten!

  2. That's awesome! Mark does that occasionally, but usually can't remember it the next morning. It's pretty funny!

  3. HAHAHA i love this. Hasn't this happened to you a few times now? What's weird is that I have freaked out in the middle of the night several times because I hallucinate that there are spiders in my bed. And I'm not joking...literally hallucinating. Anywho..I can relate!!

  4. So.... evidently this is an inherited thing... sorry...

    Dad will tell you that he's had more than one blanket rudely ripped away in the middle of the night due to a deadly attack of something (in my sleepwalking mind) :)

  5. Hahahahahahahaha. Sounds like something I would do.