April 5, 2011

A Derby of Pine

So I had never been to a pinewood derby before this one. But apparently they are a big deal to boy scouts. And Scott hasn't quite gotten over that stage of life yet, so he was pretty excited. He made a red wagon derby car. Ellie and I helped as much as we could, but he was hesitant to let anyone interfere... he didn't want to run the risk of someone ruining his "masterpiece."

So when the race day finally came, I made sure to have my camera ready. The anticipation was almost too much when they took Scott's car up to the top of the track! And I don't think anyone anticipated the outcome:

Yes, the car did stop in the middle of the track. Scott claims that the wagon handle was to blame.. apparently it dragged on the track. But it was still pretty stinking hilarious.

Scott's disappointed face.

Eventually Scott got to race his car again and it did much better without the handle. Ellie enjoyed watching all the cars and playing with the other kids. And I will never forget my first Pinewood Derby. (nor will I allow Scott to ever forget the time his car didn't even make it to the finish line haha)


  1. Fun times!!! Sorry Scott... but it was pretty funny to watch!

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