May 14, 2014

Ron's birthday hooplah

I just loved Ron's birthday this year. Scott ever so kindly took the day off from work so he could escort Ellie on her class field trip to the real life farm, and he even took Ev along too! As most of you know, I'm soooo allergic to farm animals and taking Ellie on that field trip may have killed me. While Scott and the girls were gone I got to hang out one on one with Ron, which happens almost never. It was fabulous. He is such an easy-going kid, happy to follow me around while I do chores around the house and he also naps a LOT. He seriously sleeps about 16 hours a day. When the rest of the family got home we headed out to Whole Foods in Detroit which we had discovered when Michelle and co. were in town in April. We had a nice little dinner and headed home for dessert. It has become a tradition to have store-bought cupcakes for each of our babies first birthdays, which may seem shocking given my interest in baking, but I will grudgingly admit that store-bought isn't always terrible. Anyway, Ron opened some presents and had some cake and then the kids had their nightly wrestling match. At least one of them will probably take up MMA at some point because they are so ruthless with each other! And they love it! weirdos. Anyway, we sure do love having Ron around- he's a great addition to our family and we had a great time celebrating him.

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  1. I love the 'group hug' pic of the three kids !! You can tell by Ron's expression that he is absolutely loving having big sisters :)