May 22, 2014

Schools out for the SUMMER

Ellie had her very last day of preschool this week. Time has FLOWN by and before we know it we're going to have a full-fledged kindergartner on our hands around here!

I can't even believe it was a full 2 years ago that Ellie started preschool at CHUP. We've really enjoyed our time there, and while I can't say I'll miss doing taxes every 3 months (I volunteered as the treasurer for CHUP the past two years), we will always look fondly on our time there and the great friends that we've made. 

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  1. My dear sweet Ellie Bug ! Look how you've grown! How beautiful and confident and happy you are ! Grandma Gum loves you so much and is so proud of the wonderful young lady you are becoming !! XXOOO