July 7, 2011

Where dreams come true...

Oh Disneyland. Do you know how much I love you? Do  you know that my heart aches for you while I'm away? Did you notice that I actually cried a little when it was time to leave you last week? (yes, I did in reality start to cry, just like a 3 year old)

We had a wonderful time in California with the Andreasen clan. Of course we did many wonderful things including lots of play time with the cousins, an outing to the aquarium, an outing to the beach, and of course Disneyland. The trip was too short, but I'm just glad we were able to go. Ellie had a wonderful time with her cousins and I so enjoyed getting to see our California family- they are wonderful. I even got to meet the famed Aunt Leslie of Scott's childhood, which was wonderful. So for your viewing pleasure, here are some picture treats for you:

At the aquarium...

Cousin love

Cousin bathtime

I'm thinking of entering this one into the next awkward family photo competition... I'm pretty grandma is the only one looking at the camera...

Waiting to ride the train

Gotta be the cutest picture you've ever seen, right?

Taking Micky's car for a spin

Our attempt at a family photo while waiting for Dumbo

You should be jealous... this was seriously delish

So until we meet again, Magical Kingdom, remember that I love you. And I will see you soon (I made Scott promise that we would go again in the next year or so)

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  1. My only regret is we didn't get to go to Toon Town... and we didn't do much with you guys!