July 27, 2011

Yellow Scrubs?

Yes, absolutely. Apparently you have to look like a Big Bird impersonator at Detroit Children's Hospital where Ellie had her tear duct surgery yesterday.

She did SUPER well. Even the nurses were surprised by how well she took everything- not even one tear until she wasn't allowed to have more juice (clearly their 4oz. limit was not what she had in mind). The doctor said that the surgery went really well and she should be totally fine and have no problems in the future. The saddest part of the day was that we didn't get to keep our super cool duds. Sigh.


  1. I love all the pics of her running around! I had no idea she was having surgery!! I'm really glad everything went well.

  2. awww, what a sweetie pie! i'm glad it went well!

  3. Glad everything went well. She looks so cute.