May 9, 2011

Meet Chloe

 My NEW KITCHENAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She came just in time for mothers day. As you can see, it was pretty much love at first sight.

 On Saturday we went to Greenfield Village. Just in case you don't live in Dearborn, and therefore have no idea with GV is, here's a little explanation. Henry Ford (founder of the Ford Motor Company) became quite wealthy after striking automotive gold with the Model T. So, not really knowing what else to do with all his riches, he started collecting historic buildings from all over the world. And brought them all here, to Dearborn. So the village is just a collection of historic buildings and other artifacts. It is really quite fascinating and I count myself very lucky because we have annual passes. The village has (among other things) a courthouse where Abe Lincoln used to practice law, Eddison's laboratory, one of the oldest windmills in the country (from the 1600s), the Rosa Parks bus (actually this is in the museum, but the same general area), and my personal favorite- the Eagle Tavern: a restaurant from the 1800s that still serves authentic period food. It is such a fun place to go if you're obsessed with food, like I am:) Another popular feature of the village is their collection of farm animals. They have sheep, cows and horses among other animals. Obviously, this is a pretty popular attraction for the little ones- Ellie just couldn't get enough of those giant "woof woofs." She also really liked the Carousel, which is almost 100 years old now!
 On Sunday I got to spend a wonderful mothers day with the three loves of my life- Scott, Ellie, and Chloe!!! I made angel food cake and real whipped cream for dessert that night. It was sooooo much fun! And probably the most successful cooking adventure I've had in a while.

 I also tried to get a decent picture with Ellie in honor of Mothers Day. Unfortunately, she wasn't really too into it... But I really did have a GREAT day. And I got to talk to my own wonderful mother- though not quite as good as getting to see her, I'm so thankful for modern technology that allows me to stay close to my wonderful family even though we live so far apart.


  1. I LOVE the pictures and sweet comments darling! You melt my heart.

  2. I'm so jealous of your kitchenaid! Lucky, lucky girl!!!

  3. ohhh ellie is so cute!! i'm happy you got your kitchenaid! and thanks for the recipe, i'm so excited to try it!