May 13, 2011


Yes, we now have twin boys in our family- Fred and George. They are a little hairier than Ellie, but we still think there's some family resemblance...
(George is on the left, Fred is on the right)

These little puppies were saved from a puppy mill and we adopted them today. They are my mothers day present from my lovely parents- they're the BEST.

We're still adjusting to our new family dynamic. The first thing Fred and George did when we got home was poop and pee. On our newly cleaned carpet. Awesome. But with a little training and a lot of patience, I think we'll all be very happy together.

And I sincerely hope that the fact that they joined our family on Friday the 13th isn't a bad sign... But then again we did name them after the most mischievous twins ever penned, so we may have set ourselves up a bit.
So cute taking a nap together!

In other news, I put foam curlers in Ellie's hair this morning.... it wasn't the hugest success.

The immediate after:

The after after... Ellie wasn't too kind to her curls, so we ended up with pig tails. Still cute though. I guess I'll have to wait until she has a little more hair/patience for the curlers.


  1. Fred and George hahaha, you Harry Potter lover! :) They are adorable! Now what would be even funnier is if you had twins! Wouldn't that be loads of fun!

  2. Did I say Ellie looks adorable too? Because she does!

  3. Love the names!! I can't believe you have two puppies...I'm totally jealous. And when you posted that on facebook I seriously thought you were announcing that you guys were actually having twin boys. Way to freak a sister out! LOVE YOU!

  4. I love the after picture of Ellie with her hands so politely clasped in front of her. It's adorable.

  5. When I read the title for this post I thought you were saying you were having twins next! My mouth dropped! Such cute puppies!

  6. CUTE PUPPIES! did you name them or did scott? and I can't believe how big ellie is getting!!