May 3, 2011

Picture Dump

It's been a while my friends. In the past few weeks the Andreasen clan of MI have traveled far and wide (actually, this is pretty true... we went to Ohio as a family and then Ellie and I went to Oregon for a week to visit the Hiebs). And Easter happened. And Fathers Day... kind of. So here are some pictures.
Well, we all know that the festivities started off with a pretty exciting movie release... Ellie was so happy about it that she couldn't hold still long enough for me to get a decent picture with HP. But let me just say this: it. was. epic.

 Next we went to Kirtland to visit some of our church's historical sites. It rained pretty much the whole time, but we still enjoyed our little mini vacation, even though it doesn't look like it in the pictures...

 Before we knew it, Easter was upon us and some great friends from church hosted an Easter egg hunt/birthday party for their little girl. We had a great time! Ellie really loved the egg hunt, but soon found the slide to be pretty awesome as well. And then the bubble machine came out and all heck broke loose. The kids went nuts for that thing! They were all running around screaming about the bubbles. It was pretty hilarious.


Isn't she just about the most lovely girl you've ever seen?

So then Fathers Day. Well, Scott and I decided that since we actually have some money for the first time, we would get each other nice Fathers/Mothers Day gifts this year. I have been longing for a kitchenaid mixer for some time now, so I ordered one off of Overstock. Unfortunately I don't have a picture yet, but it is supposed to arrive this week!!!! And Scott wanted to get golf clubs for Fathers Day. And then he found this awesome deal and somehow swindled me into letting him get them early. Darn him and his boyish charm. So he went and bought those last night.

side note: please excuse Ellie's crazy post-bath, pre-bed hair-don't

What about Oregon you may be asking? Well, thanks to my never-fail photo taking sister Michelle, I was relieved from the duty of documenting our trip (aka, I forgot to take out my camera...). So we'll all have to wait until she sends me the pics. Sad day. But here's a list of the cool things we did: Burgerville (only the most amazing organic fast food you will ever eat), OMSI, Cafe DuBerry (seriously, I would eat myself to death if we lived in Oregon... it is SO good), watched HP 4-7, visited Scott's fam and Missy's fam, lunch with Kayla and Barb, shopped at Woodburn outlets (4 polos from Banana Republic for $50? heck yes!), and most importantly spent some quality time with the good old fam damily.

So... longest post ever, I know, but I just had to share. Updates on baby #2 coming to a computer near you later this week.


  1. i miss you stephanieeeeeeeeeeeee! please post more posts STAT!

  2. I love all these pics of Ellie. she is getting so big!! I love her piggy tails. Happy Mother's Day Stephanie!

  3. So excited to see you guys are doing well! You look happy and have a great life.

    Ashley (& Ben)