May 5, 2011

Who knew a plum could be so much trouble?

So baby is the size of a plum right now. I find this estimation to be misleading... Are they saying that the baby weighs the same amount as a plum? The same length? Surely not the same circumference? I guess I'm just having trouble converting the very round shape and form of a plum into something recognizable as a baby.

Anyway, the check up went well today. I had to have another ultrasound because my uterus is tilted making it almost impossible to hear the heartbeat with a Doppler. But I wasn't complaining! Ultrasounds are so fun. The baby had [his] hand up by the head, just like Ellie always did. So cute. That was the highlight of the appointment, we didn't really do anything else. Except discuss how I'm vitamin D deficient. But who isn't? So I get to take even more vitamin D, which is no big deal. Really, truly, I am a very lucky mama. Ellie is perfectly healthy and this baby has been progressing just fine. And I have been able to avoid all major pregnancy-related ailments thus far. Alas, however, the food aversions persist (and cravings to a lesser degree) even though I'm nearing the end of the first trimester.

soy sauce
artichoke hearts
middle eastern food

peanut butter captain crunch (I could live off this stuff)
asiago bagels with cream cheese
any kind of pastry
bread- especially crusty artisan bread

So Basically I am trying to really enjoy where I am right now in this pregnancy, but I won't lie- I'm already getting a little impatient. Thankfully this pregnancy is going by a lot faster than Ellie's did- probably because I spend a large portion of my day chasing a crazy toddler. She certainly keeps me on my toes. Another plus for this pregnancy is that I'm already showing a little bit. Why is this a plus? Because hopefully I'll really pop earlier too so that I don't spend quite so much time in that awkward stage- you know the one, when people really aren't sure whether you're pregnant or not so they either stare at your belly far too long or ask awkward questions, trying to beat around the bush. Not really my favorite stage of pregnancy. Anyway, I'll see if I can get another pictures up at some point. Maybe I'll even showcase the maternity skirts that I've been working on this week! Gotta love sewing machines:)


  1. I want to see the maternity skirts! And I can't believe your food aversions. Those were my cravings during pregnancy. Anything oily, covered in cheese and red sauce was my cup of tea. And, 2nd pregnancies usually show sooner so that's exciting. I think I spend the majority of my pregnancy in the awkward "fat or pregnant?" phase cause people finally started asking in month 8. Yikes.

  2. That's how my first pregnancy was too! I'm hoping the more mild cravings this time means a more mild (ie not nutso like Ellie) baby... we'll see!

  3. I didn't know you were pregnant again! Congratulations! Your pregnancy cravings are all of my favorite foods :) I think I could eat a gyro every single day. Can't wait to hear the gender of this baby!